Conference  /  30.4.2018

2nd International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems

Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms

To exploit all the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), a wide range of challenges needs to be addressed. The objective of IoT-ASAP 2018, Second International Workshop on Engineering IoT systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms, is again to bring together researchers and practitioners from several areas (e.g., Architecture, Internet of Things (IoT), Service-Oriented Computing, Self-Adaptive Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, User Interaction and Experience) to investigate and discuss state of the art, principles, challenges of, and (interdisciplinary) approaches for engineering IoT systems.

Dr. Matthias Becker is part of the Programme Committee for the »2nd International Workshop on Engineering IoT Systems: Architectures, Services, Applications, and Platforms«.