Conference  /  5.11.2018  -  7.11.2018

Incose Emea Sector Systems Engineering Conference

Systems Engineering: Connecting the world

Join us for the EMEA Sector Systems Engineering Conference 2018, the premier conference of systems engineering and related disciplines in Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA). The conference gives industry, organizations, educators, researchers, and government the opportunity to showcase cutting edge practice and research. EMEASEC 2018 provides the opportunity to network with professionals from many domains in in EMEA and Germany.

The conference will start with a tutorial day on Monday 5th of November. Followed by the 2 days EMEASEC2018/TdSE2018 conference with paper presentations and other existing topics. On Thursday 8th of November we will offer some technical tours.

The EMEASEC 2018 conference is combined with the Germany Systems Engineering Conference »TdSE2018«. To get an impression about the former German Chapter conference, please visit the website (in German language only).