Secure use of cryptography training

Introduction to encryption

With the threat of cyber attacks increasing significantly, protecting data assets, notifications or transmission channels is a key challenge for software developers nowadays. Cryptographic methods are an indispensable element of modern and secure software development, as using them makes it much more difficult for an external attack to succeed. However, applying cryptographic techniques correctly is often a major challenge, and the race is on to keep up with the capabilities of attackers.Recent studies also show that the vast majority of current software applications use cryptography in an insecure manner. 


In our one-day training course, you will learn the basics of encryption. You will learn about relevant standards from BSI and NIST and gain relevant knowledge and skills that will enable you to correctly implement encryption and authentication procedures. In addition, you will learn how to generate cryptography code using tools and how to check cryptography code written by hand.

Using practical examples, you will first experience what happens when cryptography applications are integrated insecurely. We will then show you field-tested methods that will help you to identify common vulnerabilities when using cryptographic techniques. After that, it is your turn to apply the knowledge you have gained in the exercises together with the other course participants. Step by step, with the free tool CogniCrypt, you will learn to quickly encrypt your confidential data so that no one other than yourself can access it. The training day is rounded off by regular reflection on the exercises, an exchange of experiences and discussions within the groups. With the inspiration you gain and the expertise you acquire, you will be ready to apply cryptography securely in your day-to-day work.

Target group

The training is aimed at people

  • who work in software development and want to encrypt confidential data.
  • who are interested in digital data encryption and want to understand how cryptography works.
  • who have to deal with cryptography on a professional basis but have little or no prior knowledge.

The practical exercises are shown in Java, but are transferable to other languages.

Your benefits

  • By the end of the training, you will know the basics of encryption.
  • You will get a practical insight into secure cryptographic methods in different application areas.
  • You will be able to classify the significance of national and international standards of cryptographic procedures.
  • You will be able to use the free tool CogniCrypt to generate cryptography code and verify existing code.
  • You will benefit from the expert knowledge of our trainers, who are familiar with the latest developments and tools in the field of secure software development and can answer your individual questions in a competent manner.

Further information

The crypto tool CogniCrypt actively supports software developers with the secure integration of cryptographic libraries and leads to swift identification of security-critical (mis)applications. CogniCrypt is developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM and others, and is an official Eclipse project currently being ported for IntelliJ and Build servers.