With OSIRIS, Janz Tec offers secure data storage even at insecure locations.

Secure data storage even at insecure locations

Initial situation and project objective

Digitization of production is in full swing. People are becoming increasingly connected. Data is collected, shared and processed all the time. Production sites stopped being insular facilities ages ago, and are now used at various locations or even as mobile facilities. In many cases, though, the environment is not completely safe, and the security of data may be at risk. The top priority is therefore to ensure that sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Janz Tec has accepted this challenge as one of the leading manufacturers of electronic assemblies and industrial computer systems. With OSIRIS, the company is developing a secure platform that enables the safe storage of data in an untrustworthy environment, as well as the sharing of this data with the company headquarters. The platform must guarantee full compliance with the strictest security requirements, for instance tamper detection, tamper protection, encrypted communication and data retention, theft protection and the avoidance of open interfaces.

Solution and customer benefits

Right at the beginning of the development process, Janz Tec asked Fraunhofer IEM to conduct a rigorous review of the security concept to ensure that OSIRIS is ideally protected from attacks. The first step was to define the relevant protection objectives. Fraunhofer IEM then identified potential threats to OSIRIS and analyzed the existing security concept for potential vulnerabilities. Future collaboration will extend beyond the concept to analyzing the concept’s realization in the form of a prototype platform. In applying this procedure, Janz Tec is making certain that the OSIRIS system keeps sensitive customer data perfectly safe, even at unsafe locations.