Systems engineering enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the development of household appliances.

Introduction of systems engineering

Starting situation and project objective

Following the trends of most technical products, the complexity and connectivity of household appliances are also rising. At Miele, this is apparent among its smart home products in particular. Systems engineering methods will allow Miele to continue to rise to the associated challenges in future as well. The SE4Miele project aims to analyze, plan and introduce systems engineering procedures, methods and tools at all of Miele’s production sites.

Solution and customer benefits

Fraunhofer IEM draws on an established procedure for the planning and introduction of systems engineering at Miele. Starting with an analysis of the current process landscape, it then identifies definite potential and infers areas in which systems engineering can be applied. A rough implementation strategy is then prepared on this basis. Here, it is very important to consider the process and tool landscapes that are used throughout the company as a whole. A holistic appreciation of systems engineering and product life cycle management is increasingly viewed as a key factor that must be included from the very start of the project.

Miele and Fraunhofer are currently demonstrating the practical benefits of the rough concept’s core components in three pilot projects. At the same time, the experience acquired from the pilot projects is used to create a specifically tailored landscape for systems engineering methods and tools. This involves incrementally creating the necessary conditions for an enterprise-wide introduction of systems engineering at Miele.