Technology field analysis for the development of new business areas within location-based services.

Intelligent infrastructure thanks to location-based services

Initial situation and project objective

In future, the integration of “beacons” will transform lighting installations into position senders and receivers within buildings. Doing so enables the implementation of innovative location-based services. The radio signal emitted by each beacon carries a unique identification number. Smart devices are therefore able to recognize objects and places to which this kind of beacon is fitted. Services like this can be used in many areas, extending from retail and parking garages to logistics applications. OSRAM sees huge market potential here, not least due to the wide range of potential applications.

Solution and customer benefits

A technology field analysis was conducted to lay the foundation for the systematic development of this area. This involved creating an underlying structure for the envisaged systems, as well as the identification of important areas of action. A variety of product concepts were then prepared on the basis of this functional structure, and the associated knowledge required for the solutions was translated into idea profiles. For this purpose, workshops were held with the customer to identify related technology fields and to define and classify the search terms. Alternative solutions for the examined system were then developed, based on detailed research and analysis. Aside from text documentation, a specification method was used to, among other things, compare various system variants and define system limits.

A broad array of starting points for product optimization were identified in collaboration with OSRAM. The company will now be able to use these technology fields to launch product variants that provide access to new areas of business.