Augmented reality for optimized product presentation at the point of sale.

Augmented reality solution configurator for range qualification

Starting situation and project objective

The best possible presentation of products at the point of sale, i.e. on the shelf, is often decisive for successful sales. To stand out from the masses, products must be positioned so that they are ideally visible and accessible for customers, and must also be presented in a visually appealing and optimized way. Suitable display systems push products to the front and keep the shelves looking neat. This helps consumers find their way around, improves the highlighting of brands and new products and increases sales compared to competing products. In order to sell its push-feed systems, POS Tuning uses a product catalog and individually crafted models to present its solutions during the quotation phase. This is a time-consuming, expensive and inflexible procedure that delays any decision by the customer and makes it difficult to secure orders.

Solution and customer benefits

In this project, a mobile assistance system based on augmented reality was used to support sales. It uses virtual technology to place selected standard models from the POS Tuning product catalog on the shelves. When visiting customers, the sales rep uses a tablet-based solution configurator to insert various options of the company’s display systems into the real environment, enabling flexible adjustment of sizes, colors, materials and features. This way the favored solution can be modified quickly and flexibly to suit the customer’s wishes. Visualizing the display systems facilitates the appraisal of the product presentation at the point of sale in a variety of environments and in direct proximity with competing products.

Using the augmented reality solution configurator reduces the costs for prototype building, supports and speeds up the customer’s decision-making process and significantly improves the quotation conversion rate.