Advanced Systems Engineering for intelligent technical systems

The products of tomorrow cannot be considered from the perspective of just one specific subject area and can therefore also not be developed solely with the methods of one single discipline. Due to the increasing complexity of products, the performance gap between established discipline-specific design techniques and necessary future engineering methods will increase significantly.

Systems Engineering has the potential to incorporate diverse subject areas and aspects by focusing on the multidisciplinary system and including the entirety of all development activities.

We want to exploit this potential by further enhancing Systems Engineering regarding effective and efficient development of intelligent technical systems. We refer to this objective as Advanced Systems Engineering, which aims to support in the following aspects:

  • Models and modeling techniques for cross-linked, integrative and consistent description of product-service-systems and the corresponding production systems,
  • Methods, processes and tools for holistic, coherent simulation and optimization of complex multi-disciplinary systems for the virtualization of product engineering,
  • Techniques for strategic and operational management of product engineering: Ensuring effectivity and efficiency which implies finding promising products for the future and developing them properly,
  • Knowledge management that is based particularly on future knowledge and solution patterns for the development of products, services and production systems while additionally promoting knowledge identification and use,
  • Approval of acting personnel and teams whereby product engineering is always viewed as a socio-technological system.