Our Range of Services

Control Engineering


Intelligently controlled manufacturing machines

  • Adaptive process controls
  • Consistent modeling, simulation and optimization of technical systems
  • Integrated engineering

Modeling, simulation and virtualization

  • Integrated modeling and simulation
  • Simulation and virtualization solutions

X-in-the-Loop development and test environments

  • X-in-the-Loop (XiL) as an integrated development and test environment

Product Engineering


Mechatronic system description

Efficiency enhancement through MBSE

  • MBSE trial courses
  • System optimization and design

Virtual Prototyping & Simulation (VPS)

Identify and tap VPS potentials

  • VPS benchmark
  • VPS process analysis

Technology planning

Technology for the markets of tomorrow

  • Technology potential analysis
  • Technology roadmapping

Integrated mechatronic systems via 3D-MID

From the idea to the prototype

  • Product optimization
  • Engineering and prototyping

Augmented Reality in industrial application

From a niche technology to a new human-technology paradigm

  • Potential analysis
  • Implementation

Prevention against product piracy

Innovation assurance through prevention

  • Requirements analysis of your threat situation
  • Conception for product protection

Software Engineering


Development and evaluation of security concepts

Are you prepared against cyber-attacks?

  • Analysis of your specific threat situation
  • Estimation of the risk and damage potential of possible attacks.

Security by Design: Development process for secure software-intensive systems

  • Ensure IT security in the product
  • Establish IT security in the development process

Performance increase in software engineering

Is your software engineering fit for the future?

  • Potential analysis
  • Implementation

Consistent, model-based software engineering process

Model-based software engineering

  • Processes, methods and tools
  • Development support

Customized integration of engineering tools

Integrated tool chains for a systematic development process

  • Solutions for tool integration

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering as basis for the development process

  • Assure high-quality requirements
  • Traceability across different development steps and tools

Pattern-based requirements specification

Tool-support for high-quality requirements

  • Customized requirement patterns
  • Customized tool support “ReqPat“

Software architecture

Increased competitiveness through software engineering

  • Development and evaluation of software architectures