Our Research Areas

Fraunhofer IEM is organized into the three independently managed research areas Scientific Automation (Prof. Trächtler), Product Engineering (Prof. Dumitrescu) and Software Engineering and IT Security (Prof. Bodden). Nevertheless, we always contribute our competencies in research and practice across all departments. As a result, we can offer integrated solutions for interdisciplinary challenges from a single source.


Scientific Automation

We provide solutions for the challenges that result from increasing complexity in mechatronic systems. We use model-based design methods for the control, automation and optimization of intelligent technical systems.


Product Engineering

Intelligent technical systems and industry 4.0 start with product engineering and are based on excellent engineering achievements. For us, product engineering is a holistic process ranging from potential analysis, innovative product ideas to series production taking the entire product life cycle into account.


Software Engineering and IT Security

In the competence field software engineering, we develop processes, methods and tools to develop high-quality software-intensive systems. Software increasingly penetrates into technical systems such as in mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology or in the mobility and transport sector: The innovative features of these systems are already based primarily on software. This will continue to increase in the future. The quality of offered products and services will therefore largely depend on the quality of the software.