Research Area of Software Engineering und IT Security

In the research area of software engineering and IT Security, we create processes, methods and tools for the development of secure software-intensive systems. Software is increasingly permeating technical systems, for instance in mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology or the areas of mobility and transport: Today, innovative features within these systems are largely driven by software. This trend will intensify in the years to come. The quality of the offered products and services will therefore depend significantly on the quality of the software.

Besides spiraling functionality, the growing connectivity of technical and information systems to create what is known as cyber-physical systems merely compounds their increasing complexity. Systems are no longer hermetic units; instead they are connected to become subsystems of others in a hierarchical setting. The provision of interfaces and external connections necessitated by this process throws up new challenges when it comes to safeguarding know-how and data and securing the systems against attack. Efficient development of reliable and secure software (in the sense of safety and security) is therefore all the more vital within the context of the overall system. We attach particular importance to taking constructive measures to consider the security of software and the system as a whole from the outset (security by design).