Department of Software Engineering and IT Security

The Department of Software Engineering and IT Security creates processes, methods and tools for the efficient development of secure software-intensive systems. The innovative features of intelligent products and services are increasingly based on software and will hence depend on its quality to a significant extent. The increasing connectivity of systems throws up new challenges when it comes to safeguarding know-how and data and securing them against attack. The efficient development of reliable and secure software (in the sense of safety and security) is therefore all the more vital. We attach particular importance to taking constructive measures to consider the security of software and the system as a whole from the outset (security by design).

Software Lifecycle

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The Software Lifecycle group creates processes and tools for the efficient development of high-quality software-intensive systems. Security of the software and the system as a whole are considered from the outset “by design.”

Moreover, we implement needs-based integration of agile, formal and (partially)-automated methods to ensure efficiency and enhanced quality of the entire software lifecycle.

Digital Services & Apps

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The Digital Services & Apps group supports companies in the digitization of their production, products and services. Our activities include, for example, accompanying the design and realization process of services for the data-driven monitoring of processes, of apps for smart homes or of cloud platforms.

We research and develop methods and tools for the development of services and apps. In this regard, we focus on the security of services and apps, ensuring they can withstand internal and external attacks, as well as on user-friendly operating concepts.

IoT Systems

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The IoT Systems group researches methods and tools for the software engineering of connected technical systems, especially in the areas of mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, automotive and smart homes.

Among other things, we combine model-based/-driven software engineering with agile procedures to realize reliable systems within short development timespans. We also assist in creating secure, sustainable system connectivity and conduct security analyses on concepts, as well as on marketable devices and systems.



Erhöhte Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch Softwaretechnik

  • Entwurf und Bewertung von Software- architekturen

Ausarbeitung und Bewertung von IT-Sicherheitskonzepten

  • Bedrohungen analysieren und Schutzziele identifizieren
  • IT-Sicherheitskonzepte erstellen oder analysieren

Security by Design: Entwicklungsprozess für sichere software-intensive Systeme

  • IT-Sicherheit im Produkt sicherstellen
  • IT-Sicherheit im Entwicklungsprozess verankern

Leistungssteigerung in der Softwareentwicklung

Ist Ihre Softwareentwicklung fit für die Zukunft?

  • SE-Benchmark
  • SE-Prozessanalyse

Anforderungsspezifikation mit Satzmustern

Werkzeugunterstützt zu gesteigerter Anforderungsqualität

  • Maßgeschneiderte Anforderungsmuster
  • Für Sie zugeschnittene Werkzeugunterstützung »ReqPat«

Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering als Basis des Entwicklungsprozesses

  • Qualitativ hochwertige Anforderungen sicherstellen
  • Nachverfolgbarkeit über verschiedene Entwicklungsschritte und Werkzeuge hinweg

Massgeschneiderte Integration von Entwicklungswerkzeugen

Integrierte Werkzeugketten für einen systematischen Entwicklungsprozess

  • Lösungen zur Werkzeugintegration

Durchgängiger, modellbasierter Softwareentwicklungsprozess

Modellbasierte Softwareentwicklung

  • Prozesse, Methoden und Werkzeuge
  • Entwicklungsunterstützung