Technological innovations and new engineering methods

The research and development work of the Fraunhofer IEM is aimed at establishing holistic, interdisciplinary engineering practices for intelligent technical systems. These products, production systems or services are based on a intricate interplay of numerous subsystems and are increasingly interconnected. This results in complex systems, which in turn entail a complex development process.

We think beyond the confines of specialist disciplines, work in both a solution- and application-oriented manner and promote communication and cooperation between all the specialists involved. In three research units, we develop and establish interdisciplinary methods, tools and processes that enable all requirements of the respective technical system to be taken into account and implemented. The engineering activities involved are supported by digital solutions and IT tools. At the same time, we provide tools that make the emerging system tangible and evaluable for users and other stakeholders and ensure that our research results can be put into practice seamlessly.

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Research units at the Fraunhofer IEM

Scientific Automation research unit

We transfer methods of self-optimization and artificial intelligence into advanced automation systems. In doing so, we focus on putting modern technologies into practice.

Advanced Systems Engineering research unit

Digitalization is not only changing the products of tomorrow, it is also influencing the way they are created. We meet this challenge with a multidisciplinary, technology-supported approach to development.

Software Engineering and IT Security research unit

The increase in networking is creating new challenges in the protection of software-intensive systems. We establish processes, methods and tools to ensure that they can be developed safely.

Other research activities

Chief scientists

Top-class scientists support the Fraunhofer IEM with their technical expertise in their role as chief scientists.



Research projects

The selection of national and European projects gives you an overview of the research fields in which we are active.

Research and teaching

The Fraunhofer IEM cooperates closely with the Heinz Nixdorf Institute at the University of Paderborn, which is the ideal partner for interdisciplinary research.