Key topics

Our work focuses on the future of engineering. We research and develop intelligent products, production systems and software applications, and incorporate innovative technologies into everyday business. In doing so, we deliberately focus on central topics and developments that are relevant for our customers and partners in order to optimize processes, develop new business models and thereby ensure their competitiveness over the long term.

These key topics show how innovative technologies and future-oriented applications can provide answers to modern-day challenges and help companies to deal with the digital transformation and benefit from intelligent automation solutions, security applications and data analysis. In the following pages, we will show you in detail how this manifests itself in the eight key topics covered by the Fraunhofer IEM.

Advanced systems engineering

Icon, which illustrates the key topic of Advanced Systems Engineering.

Advanced systems engineering has the objective of integrating the various aspects of systems engineering and advanced engineering. It is aimed at companies in all sectors that want to safeguard or increase their competitiveness through innovative technologies, systems and business models against the backdrop of changes in value creation.

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Work 4.0

Icon that illustrates Work 4.0.

Together with companies and research partners, we are working on aligning the design of workplaces, structures and processes with the needs of people and making the best possible use of the potential offered by networked systems. We are investigating potential applications and the impact of modern technologies, work equipment and methods.

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Digital transformation

Icon that illustrates the digital transformation.

We view digital transformation as an ongoing development process and adjustment to market and technological changes brought about and aided by digitalization. In research and industry projects, we investigate issues related to the transformation process and develop effective solutions.

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Industrial data analytics

Icon illustrating Industrial Data Analytics.

Using intelligent data analysis to improve the various levels of industrial value creation – that is our aim. We develop industrial data analytics methods and associated technologies and solutions in the course of research and industry projects.

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Innovation management

Icon that illustrates innovation management.

Corporate innovation requires a holistic approach. That is why we develop and test strategies and methods throughout the entire innovation process. In doing so, we develop tailored solutions to strengthen a company’s core business and promote innovation away from the core business.

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IoT and automation

Icon that illustrates automation.

We optimize industrial processes by developing intelligent products and applications in the industrial IoT. To this end, we are always working on innovative technologies and methods, from basic research to the development of industry-ready solutions.

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Icon that illustrates robotics.

In the field of robotics, we develop and research intelligent automation solutions for various production applications. To this end, we combine modern development methods with key technologies from automation and control engineering with knowledge from real-life industrial applications.

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Safety & security by design

Icon that illustrates safety & security by design.

We research and develop processes, methods and tools that enable us to successfully implement safety & security by design in products and solutions. In the course of threat and risk analyses, we systematically identify potential vulnerabilities, assess risks and deduce appropriate protection targets.

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