Digital transformation

Successfully implementing digital transformation one step at a time

The cornerstone of digital transformation is digital technologies, whose rapid and ongoing proliferation has already made a lasting impact on our society and industry. From apps and digital platforms to networked factories and virtual forms of work - new technologies frequently alter customers’ demands and behaviors and thus influence entire industries. The digital transformation affects and alters all areas of a company: Business processes and structures are put to the test, employee management and corporate culture evolve, and new products and services are created.

For companies in all industries, digital transformation offers great potential for optimizing operational processes and creating forward-looking business models. Customer experiences can also be improved and decision-making processes accelerated. These changes bring challenges and opportunities in equal measure. From small and medium-sized enterprises to international corporations, the transformation process must be managed on a case-by-case basis. In the rarest of cases, this could entail a complete realignment of the business. That being said, it is often the case that small measures and steps can help to advance digitalization.


Two hands holding a tablet and using it to control a production machine.
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Digitization poses major challenges, as products, processes and the business model are facing a transformation process.

What we are researching and working on

We view digital transformation as an ongoing development process and adjustment to market and technological changes brought about and aided by digitalization. In research and industry projects, we investigate issues related to the transformation process and develop effective solutions. The focus is on the development and implementation of customized digitalization strategies. With methods and tools, we can guide companies through this transformation process – from trend assessment to target setting and technology rollout. Particular attention is paid to employees who are specifically involved in the change process as part of change management.

In the  Digital Transformation Office, we combine strategic expertise with methodological and technological know-how to create tailored solutions aimed at digitalizing industrial value creation. In line with the company’s particular circumstances, we identify suitable technologies for developing digital products and business models, train employees to build up the necessary skills and develop cross-company digitalization strategies.