We are only strong if we work together!

Through our memberships in various networks as well as regional, supra-regional and international collaborations, we are able to work on interdisciplinary projects with success even beyond the confines of our institute.



The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft based in Germany is the world’s leading applied research organization. The Fraunhofer IEM benefits from a network that currently consists of over 75 institutes and contributes its expertise to alliances and associations.


It's OWL technology network

In the it's OWL technology network, around 200 companies, research institutions and organizations are developing solutions for the digital transformation of SMEs.


Heinz Nixdorf Institute

The Heinz Nixdorf Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute of the University of Paderborn. The Fraunhofer IEM has been working closely and strategically with the Heinz Nixdorf Institute from the very beginning.

International collaborations

By entering into international collaborations with universities, research institutes and companies, we are joining forces to drive forward technological developments.

University of Paderborn

Basic research meets application orientation: The Fraunhofer IEM carries out research and works in close cooperation with the University of Paderborn.