Secure software engineering training

Looking for software without security vulnerabilities? We will make a secure software development expert out of you!


Modern application software development is driven by the implementation of new functions and often neglects the security of the products. The resulting security vulnerabilities provide gateways for cyber attacks of all kinds - often with devastating consequences for the affected organizations.

In our secure software engineering training courses, we show you how to take security into consideration from the very beginning of the software development process and how to protect your products effectively.

In the basic course »secure use of cryptography«, you will learn about the specific cryptographic tools and processes you can use to significantly increase the security of your products. In our »security champion training« course, you will become an expert in the field of secure software development. With our »software security training for product owners«, you can gain valuable expertise in a compact form on how software security can be addressed within projects in a targeted manner.



Expert training

Security champion training

We show software developers how they can take security into account in their day-to-day work on a consistent basis. By taking this approach, security is firmly rooted in our actions and mindset, and the security of your software applications is guaranteed for the future as well.


Basic course

Secure use of cryptography

In this basic training, you will learn to identify vulnerabilities and gain relevant knowledge and skills for correctly implementing encryption and authentication procedures.


Certificate course

Software Security for Product Owners and Managers

In this training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your role in the area of software security. With concrete measures and individual coaching-on-the-job, we accompany you on your way to taking responsibility for secure software development.