Software Security Trainings

Do you want software without security vulnerabilities? We make you experts in secure software development!


In today's digital era, characterised by networked systems and the increased use of technologies, secure software development is becoming an indispensable basic requirement for companies. The development of modern application software is driven by the implementation of new functions and often neglects the security of the products. The resulting security gaps represent gateways for cyber attacks of all kinds - often with devastating consequences for the organisations concerned, ranging from financial losses to reputational damage.

Building up expertise in the field of secure software development among employees is crucial in order to meet the various challenges. Various stakeholders in the company are required to do this - developers, product owners and managers. By empowering these individuals to understand basic security concepts, develop security-conscious code or respond appropriately to security incidents, companies can not only protect their digital assets, but also strengthen the trust of their customers and partners. Legal regulations such as the EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), DORA or the NIS-2 directive will also make it necessary to continuously re-skill and upskill employees. However, the targeted development of competences not only enables companies to meet current security requirements, but also to proactively prepare for future developments and threats. 

With our training courses in secure software engineering, we show you how to think about security right from the start of software development and effectively protect your products at various levels. Take the first step now and find the right training courses for you or your company.


Expert training

Security champion training

We show software developers how they can take security into account in their day-to-day work on a consistent basis. By taking this approach, security is firmly rooted in our actions and mindset, and the security of your software applications is guaranteed for the future as well.


Software Security for Product Owners and Managers

In this training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of your role in the area of software security. With concrete measures and individual coaching-on-the-job, we accompany you on your way to taking responsibility for secure software development.


Software Security for Developers

We show you how you can take the topic of security into account during development. We address typical vulnerabilities of your programming language and provide you with practical guidelines for secure development.