IoT and automation

Intelligent automation in the industrial internet of things

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) combines the real world and the virtual world. This is made possible by a complex interplay of mechanics, electronics and information technology. It forms the basis for networked technical systems. Real objects such as machines and plants are linked to IoT technologies via sensors. These networked technical systems are now being used along the entire industrial value chain. They monitor machine processes and report errors, initiate maintenance autonomously or enable the production of customized products with a batch size of 1.

Add IIoT capabilities to existing products, improve the usability of services or increase the efficiency of systems and processes: Selective collection and evaluation of meaningful machine and sensor data can create extensive added value, regardless of the industry, service or product. The Industrial IoT offers almost all sectors of the economy a wide range of opportunities for product, service and business model innovation. However, developing secure networked systems is often a complex process that brings together multiple technologies and methods. Other challenges in implementing IIoT projects include the often large number of different data sources, the need for standardized interfaces and the protection of data and information.



Man in front of a machine in an industrial environment.
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Optimizing industrial processes - by developing intelligent products and applications in the Industrial Internet of Things.

What we are researching and working on

We optimize industrial processes by developing intelligent products and applications in the Industrial IoT. To this end, we are always working on innovative technologies and methods, from basic research to the development of industry-ready solutions. New sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning methods are just as much a part of our everyday work and research as applications from the fields of molded interconnect devices (MIDs), condition monitoring, retrofit, X-in-the-loop or 5G.

We assist companies in developing and implementing future-oriented solutions for the industrial internet of things and help transform visionary ideas into marketable products. We aim to automate production processes effectively and efficiently, improve human-machine interaction and ensure sustainable process reliability. To increase the degree of automation and securely network IIoT solutions, we not only create the necessary conditions and integrate existing IT structures, but also ensure comprehensive data security. We attach great importance to safety and security in order to ensure the protection of employees and the environment as well as protection against external attacks.


Mechatronic Testing Lab

Put your innovations through their paces and test them under reproducible conditions.



Discover the application areas of molded interconnect devices (MIDs) in combination with 3D printing.


IoT Xperience Center

Experience the Internet of Things in the IoT Xperience Center and test out IoT technologies on your own products.