Systems Engineering Live Lab

Four people in the SE Live Lab, two of whom are women discussing a CAD model.
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You can get to grips with the future of engineering today in the Systems Engineering Live Lab.

Experience and learn about systems engineering

In the Systems Engineering Live Lab, you can get to grips with the future of engineering today and develop and implement technical systems and intelligent products in interdisciplinary collaboration - quickly, efficiently and with due regard for costs, quality and reliability.


Technical systems, products and business models are becoming increasingly networked, complex and digital. This starts as early as the product development stage. The multitude of requirements, dependencies and interfaces transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines and call for new competencies and methods. In the context of Industrie 4.0, it is therefore necessary to develop products and production systems with a holistic approach and discipline-independent methods. Systems engineering provides the necessary structure for this.

In the Systems Engineering Live Lab, we research, test and teach methods and solutions for the efficient development of technical systems. You can attend workshops and make use of the modern infrastructure in the Systems Engineering Live Lab to further your education and implement your own development projects. We show you how to develop a common understanding of systems, foster collaboration across departments and apply new approaches across specific tools and tool chains. Using demonstrators and practical examples, you will gain an overview of the areas of potential and application for systems engineering at your company.

Target group

The Systems Engineering Live Lab is aimed at all companies in the industrial environment that are faced with the challenge of increasing complexity and interdisciplinarity in product and system development. Development and project managers such as engineers, computer scientists and project managers learn about and apply new systems engineering methods in the Systems Engineering Live Lab.

Service offering

The SE Live Lab is a competence center for systems engineering methods, languages and systems. Our goal is to teach you modern systems engineering for product and system development and to support you in putting it into practice as well as in its application. Our services include method training and workshops, tool analysis and prototype method applications. In research projects we continuously develop new systems engineering methods and applications: We are currently developing an interdisciplinary SE collaboration platform and exploring the use of artificial intelligence in engineering.

Insight into the SE Live LAB

Two women and a man discuss new ideas on a computer.
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Present and discuss new ideas using state-of-the-art IT equipment.
In the SE Live Lab, a man uses VR goggles, a woman works on her laptop, and two other people discuss in front of a computer.
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We take you into the world of virtual reality and introduce you to the fascinating potential of AR/VR solutions for industrial applications.
A group of three people works in the SE Live Lab and discusses in front of a blackboard.
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Learn about new systems engineering methods and tools.