We are shaping the future of engineering

Fraunhofer IEM

What does the future hold for engineering? The Fraunhofer IEM in Paderborn is developing compelling solutions in this regard — from the initial business idea right through to implementation and market success. The focus is on intelligent products, production systems, services and software applications. Our scientists are taking an interdisciplinary approach to working on new methods, tools and processes and are using innovative technologies to ensure that our customers and partners remain competitive over the long term.

In cooperation with the Heinz Nixdorf Institute the of the University of Paderborn, the Fraunhofer IEM has been instrumental in shaping Paderborn as a research hub since 2011 and, as a member of the technology network it’s OWL, is a long-standing partner of the industrial sector in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The Fraunhofer IEM, which has a staff of around 250, is managed by a three-member steering committee: Prof. Ansgar Trächtler (Institute Director), Prof. Eric Bodden and Prof. Roman Dumitrescu. The research budget in 2022 was more than 15 million euros.



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