Scientific automation research unit

AI as an opportunity: why trust in new technologies is so important

The scientific automation research unit is headed up by Ansgar Trächtler and Christian Henke.

Our Scientific Automation research unit focuses on the latest methods and technologies in the field of automation. We employ virtual modeling and simulations to account for the increasing complexity of technical systems, so that we can test and perfect our processes in the digital world long before we implement them in reality. Ansgar Trächtler, director of Fraunhofer IEM, and head of department Christian Henke give an insight into current research topics in this research unit.

The Scientific Automation research unit brings automation concepts out of the scientific sphere and into business practice. What does that mean in concrete terms?

Ansgar Trächtler: When it comes to automation technology, there is a strikingly wide gulf in the area of technology transfer: this is where Fraunhofer IEM comes in! Our task is to help companies build up the know-how they need to work with automation solutions. For small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, freeing up resources and funds for this task is quite a strain. We can provide support in such situations through pragmatic solutions like partial automation.

Zitat Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Trächtler
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The topic of trustworthy (i.e. reliable) AI has taken on far greater significance in this research unit. What has created the need to address this issue?

Christian Henke: Firstly, we are still noticing a lot of research gaps in this area and secondly, we are seeing high levels of demand from industry. Companies want to make use of AI applications. However, if the technology is not stable, the whole idea will be shelved — and much potential wasted. Our goal is to make AI applications more stable and robust. We are also researching the topic of explainable artificial intelligence, which deals with helping us understand and dispel any reservations about these technologies. Companies should recognize the opportunities that AI presents, and use them much more efficiently.

Zitat Dr. Christian Henke
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Why should companies be focusing on automation solutions right now in particular?

Christian Henke: Events like the global pandemic or current trade crises have naturally exposed the Achilles’ heel of many industries. We are currently working with many different companies to address the question of how we can use automation technology to meet the challenges of supply chain security, production resource optimization, and labor market shortages. At the same time, our solutions are also becoming more relevant to new industries like food technology.

Ansgar Trächtler: Another long-term challenge is the topic of sustainability and resource efficiency: in the future, companies will have to be able to provide reliable evidence regarding the carbon footprint created not only by their products, but by their entire value chain. For company strategies, this means that commercial success and public interest will be more closely linked than ever before. Business leaders must develop an awareness of the global and long-term effects of their commercial activities.

Automation technologies can also deliver solutions for tackling the challenge of sustainability. Are there any ongoing projects in this area?

Christian Henke: In the DENERGETIC project, we are working to develop an intelligent energy management system that will provide the answer to a key question: what is the best possible way to manage energy consumption across an entire residential area in terms of resource efficiency? A holistic approach is important here. The entire energy system, from suppliers to private households, must be considered as a whole.

Ansgar Trächtler: Basically, we enter into in-depth dialogues with companies about how they can integrate sustainability into their value creation chain. For example, we look at how they can design their products, materials and production processes in such a way that it’s possible to make repairs and switch out individual parts. We’re very interested in concepts such as digital green twins — together with HELLA, we want to research how energy requirements can be mapped during the product development phase and throughout the entire product life cycle.

Thinking more broadly, is the Scientific Automation research unit looking into any new fields of application?

Christian Henke: Human-machine interaction is one area where numerous new fields of application are opening up — in the assistance and services sector, for example, or for personal care and applications in the private sphere. Our robotics solutions will enable flexible and resilient production systems. Other extremely exciting areas of research include robotics in construction and the combination of robotics and self-driving transport systems. As you can see, there’s a lot to do!

Research groups

Mechanisches Gerät, an dem Stellschrauben zu sehen sind.
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Trusted machine intelligence

The Trusted Machine Intelligence group develops safe and understandable intelligent systems for production and mechatronic products. The activities range from AI-supported control engineering and advanced data analytics for predictive quality and maintenance to self-learning decision support. Combining proven methods of mechatronics and control engineering with data-driven AI approaches ensures special trustworthiness and reliability of the hybrid applications in daily operation. Systems with "Trusted Machine Intelligence" autonomously control their learning behavior, critically assess their own competence, explain decisions and purposively ask humans for help.

Mann mit Schweißbrille, der vor einem Schweißroboter steht.
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Automation technology

The automation technology group develops solutions for cyber-physical systems and Industrie 4.0 that are characterized by adaptability and high levels of automation. The focus is on holistic system development, which includes the hardware as well as the control and regulation technology and produces optimally coordinated subsystems. Condition monitoring systems and innovative actuator concepts are realized in addition to robotics applications and measurement technology solutions. Other topics include the networking of machinery and equipment, and virtual commissioning.

Hexapod in Bewegung, an dem Autoschweinwerfer getestet werden.
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Automotive engineering

The automotive engineering group analyzes and develops vehicle-specific mechatronic systems, functions and components. The employees assist with the development of control units, sensor systems and chassis, among other things, and prepare companies for future challenges. In order to master new technologies in a holistic manner, a systematic approach is taken. Systems are designed and studied both virtually and in real life — from requirements and simulation models to test automation and test bench setups.

Hand, auf dessen Handinnenfläche ein Handy liegt. Auf dem Handy ist das virtuelle 3D-Modell eines Hauses zu sehen.
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Smart home

The smart home group develops intelligent systems in the field of home automation. This includes the development of innovative technologies as well as control systems for the integration of cognitive functions. The focus is always on integrating efficient development methods into the development process, which we also refer to as X-in-the-loop technologies. This is how intelligent systems are created in the Smart Home group. These are then efficiently implemented through the systematic application of digital development methods.

Labs and testing facilities


Mechatronic Testing Lab

Put your innovations through their paces and test them under reproducible conditions.


Robotics Lab

Experience and test robotics and automation solutions for your industrial application.

Selected publications concerning scientific automation

A full list of our publications can be found here


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