Industrial data analytics

Gaining information from data using industrial data analytics

In the age of industrie 4.0, machines, plants and products are being networked to an ever-increasing extent and are producing ever-larger volumes of data. Industrial data analytics can transform pure data into meaningful insights. Systematic collection and analysis of these data from production, manufacturing and development or from higher-level business processes and value chains helps companies to improve their processes. With modern methods such as artificial intelligence and in particular machine learning, companies gain valuable information about their processes, products and production systems and create an important basis for optimization measures and new business models.

Regardless of the industry, service or product, data-driven insights can, for example, help to make business processes more efficient, identify customer needs and predict growth potential. However, the mere availability of data does not translate automatically into competitive advantages. Fundamental prerequisites must be met before data collection and evaluation can lead to success. For example, data collection should be fully digitalized and structured, expertise should be built up within the company and issues relating to data security should be clarified.



Virtual representation of an analysis.
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Industrial Data Analytics facilitates the systematic collection and analysis of data.

What we are researching and working on

Using intelligent data analysis to improve the various levels of industrial value creation - that is our aim. In research and industry projects, we develop Industrial data analytics methods and associated technologies and solutions. In doing so, we combine mature development methods with modern approaches to data analysis and other fields such as human-machine interaction. Traditional methods from statistics, control engineering or data visualization methods are also used. Our research work focuses on manufacturing companies, as analysis and value creation based on industrial data are subject to special requirements.

We support companies with everything from determining potential use cases and collecting data in a structured manner right through to setting up their own industrial data analytics solutions. We help them to systematically generate knowledge from the data they collect, to create the basis for strategic and operational decisions and to develop and implement a tailored data strategy. With Industrial data analytics, we help companies to become data-driven enterprises until the change process is completed.