5G study examines areas of application in industry

Research project with FVA

Motivation and problem definition

The new 5G wireless standard aims to make communication and data transmission more efficient. It is considered a key technology for networking many devices in the industrial environment. The wireless transmission of sensor data is becoming increasingly important, particularly for the sensor technology of moving parts, such as in driverless transport systems and intelligent workpiece carriers. Together with the Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V. (FVA), the Fraunhofer IEM has investigated the requirements associated with the use of 5G in mechanical and plant engineering. The aim is to conduct a comprehensive study on the topic of 5G in industrial applications and to prepare the results for SMEs in a transparent manner.

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Areas of application for 5G in industry are identified.

Project goals and solution approach

Does 5G offer mechanical engineering companies sensible application options in production systems, machine halls and on company premises? What topologies are available for industrial networks? What is the availability of 5G components and frequencies? As part of the study “Wireless data transmission for sensor technology via 5G”, Fraunhofer IEM is analyzing the technical characteristics, capabilities and resources required for data transmission via 5G and considering possible existing alternatives such as WLAN and Bluetooth.


There is no simple answer to the question of whether data transmission via 5G makes sense for every machine and plant manufacturer. Each company should assess its initial situation, requirements and possible solutions individually. The study provides valuable recommendations for action. Various implementation scenarios are used to illustrate technical limits, for example in terms of speed, latency and reliability, and the associated data security risks are listed. On this basis, the study summarizes when and under what conditions it makes sense for companies to get started with 5G.

Project profile


Wireless data transmission for sensor technology via 5G


03/2019 until 08/2019


41.830 €


FVA project 859 I “Sensor technology with 5G data transmission”

COOPERATION PARTNER Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V.

Dr. Marcus Beck

goals Assessment of the requirements of specific industrial use cases for 5G NR radio technology

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